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Basketball App

Don't have a ball, or is the basketball court too full? No problem, create your own virtual hoop and shoot as many balls as you like.


  • Open the Wildcats-BBall app
  • Tap "Add Hoop" to do exactly that
  • Aim your iPad a couple of feet above the hoop
  • Tap to take a shot. You'll see basketballs and a couple of 1st or 4th graders faces on the balls that you're throwing
  • Shoot as many times as you want and don't worry about the mess - all of your balls are still rolling on the floor!

Too easy?

  • Tap on the <-> arrows and the backboard will start moving either horizontally or in a diamond pattern

Things to consider or try

  • How do the virtual balls know which way to fall?
  • How do the virtual balls know when they've it the ground?
  • Can you hit one ball with another? What happens?

Make it our own

  • After discovery day, you can find the code for this app here